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The home buying process is broken. We're going to fix it.


The value proposition of the Real Estate Agent traditionally relied on their ability to access to all real estate listings through the MLS. While this information was historically proprietary, the advent of Zillow and other services have allowed buyers freedom to find their own properties, eliminating a traditionally large value in the transaction: the agent's home search assistance. This has led to buyers paying on average $10,000 for an agent to simply write them a contract. On top of that, the home buying process is often confusing and takes up a lot of time for the buyer. We are building a web app that helps people buy homes online, without an agent, while refunding most of the traditional agent commission back to the buyer. Stay tuned for more info. If you are interested in testing a private beta, pleaes get in touch at Please include Agentless in your subject line.

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