I'm Mac. Co-Founder of Agentless.

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My Background

I'm a sophomore Honors student at Bentley University. I'm currently pursuing a B.S in Economics and Finance while building the future of real estate, Agentless. Some of my skills include:

About Me

I'm originally from Denver, CO, and I let my state pride spill out a little too often. I'm passionate about all things technology related, despite studying EcoFi. I grew up helping out my parents with their real estate agency, but I've worked previously on everything from technical consulting to marketing and operations analysis. I've started a couple successful side projects too.



Agentless is a culmination of my experience working under my parents in their real estate brokerage. As time passed, I saw more and more buyers approaching my parents looking to purchase houses they had already found on Zillow or Trulia. The economics of this seemed broken, and clients obviously wanted to be more involved in the process. So I built Agentless to allow anyone to purchase a home online. Click here to see our beta site, or click the title to learn more!

UDID Registration

My first venture - started when I was about to enter 9th grade. I was looking for a summer job, but finding nothing that interested me, I started buying Apple Developer Accounts. I then sold individual access to these accounts, which allowed people to install and test pre-release iOS betas, much to Apple's chagrin. While still operational, Apple debuted an identical program in 2015.

iTechnologies LLC

I was always known as a computer-wiz by friends and family. So somewhere along the line I was getting so many requests to build websites for people that I knew, I incorporated and contracted with an overseas development team to serve all the demand. I operated this for most of high school. Eventually, we specialized, and built inventory management systems for small businesses in Denver.


Building on my experience working on Apple-related product development, I co-founded a software company dedicated to building an alternative iOS App Store. The goal: eliminate the strict regulations put in place by Apple, while allowing the app store to run on native iOS devices. We developed a proprietary code-signing infrastructure that leveraged loopholes in Apple's development system to allow us to install any app on any device. This service was sold to a competitor after three years in operation and is now called Zeusmos - but the operating principle is the same.

Bentley Venture Capital Fund

While studying at Bentley, three friends and I founded the Bentley Venture Capital Fund to serve as a bridge between seed funding, and a 'family' round for college students working on revolutionary ideas with little to no capital. The demonstrated need for this funding was something I had experience with, and notable Bentley Alumni were immediately on board with the opportunity to see their donations affect real growth with students. I served as the director of Business Development for two years before leaving to found Agentless.

Devils Thumb Ranch
Financial Analysis Intern
Summer 2015 & 2016
All For Funds
Sales & IT Process Intern
Summer 2014

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